"The Summit" XR (Quill X EVO X PNPL COLLAB)

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The Summit XR is a very special XR being a collaboration of Quill, Evo & Pineapple Kendama! Featuring the best XR shape to date with a Maple Sword and Hickory Surado topped off with a Quill Sticky Clear painted Tama with spliced woods to enable the best tracking and play-ability! 


The Tropic XR is the highest quality of Kendamas Pineapple has to offer being handmade by trained craftsmen right here in the USA!


Tropic XR

2 Eight Finger Stings

2 Bearing Beads

1 Cloth Bag

1 Limited Addition Button

2 Sticker Seals


(The Tropic XR is 100% handmade making each Kendama slightly unique. Every XR is checked for quality assurance to ensure maximum looks and performance.)

(Due to the density of the two different woods, weight might vary.)

Note: So you can fully customize your Pineapple, it ships unstrung.